Hi! I’m Liz, a Producer, Creative Director, and PMP-certified Project Management Professional specializing in creative projects.

I’ve spent my career producing and delivering captivating content, television,  and other exceptional creative projects on time and within budget by cultivating strong teams, asking good questions and making good decisions. My work has earned a Primetime Emmy and hundreds of millions of views, from network TV to social media.

A fearless creator at heart, I love solving complex puzzles and carving beauty and order from chaos. I’m endlessly fascinated by people. Curiosity, critical thinking, and empathy are my daily drivers. Humane Technology principles inspire me to build solutions that positively impact society.

I enjoy working with other creatives of all stripes. I have over ten years of team management and leadership experience. I thrive solo and in collaboration to deliver creative vision, aligned with business strategy.

Resourceful, driven, and curious, I thrive in creative leadership positions where I can use Design Thinking, active listening, and skilled communication to develop creative team cohesion and success while balancing shareholder interests, delivering exceptional creative content, and hitting all the necessary metrics. Sound inspiring? Let’s connect!